The Sunday Salon

The Sunday I’m staring in abject amazement at the clock on my computer, not believing it’s already almost 4:00.  Sunday afternoons pass far too quickly, especially when the sun is shining and there’s a crisp, cool breeze.

We were at church overlong this morning, catching up with news from friends we haven’t seen much of during the summer.  I was reminded once again just how good it is to belong to a body of believers – people who believe in the power of community and faith, people who hold on to hope.  People who can inspire you to keep going even in the midst of trial.

So when we came home, a bike ride seemed like just the thing to blow away final cobwebs from this week and clear our heads for the days to come.

I’ve come home, opened some windows to let the fresh autumn air come sweeping in, brewed some hot tea, and have just now settled in to catch up on my reading.

But it’s 4:00, and soon dinner will need to get started.  There is never enough time to read. Drat.

If I did have countless hours for reading today, here’s how I would spend them.

  • Finishing Love in Mid Air, which has turned out to be such a surprisingly thoughtful read.  What a great book club book this is – it would spark so much discussion among married women!
  • Reading my More magazine (September issue) which has been languishing on my table for about a month.  This is the only “lifestyle” magazine I read anymore, and I enjoy the articles as well as the beauty and fashion tips that are realistic and appropriate for women of a certain age
  • Checking out reviews for some new books on my radar screen, namely The Widower’s Tale, Julia Glass’ new novel; Let’s Take the Long Way Home, a memoir by Gail Caldwell; The Cookbook Collector, by Allegra Goodman; and Light Years, by James Salter
  • Sampling some of the links posted by my Twitter followers, who’ve obviously been doing a good bit more reading today than I have.

Now tell me, are you reading everything you’d hoped to read today?  Or has reading time slipped away from you, too?


8 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon

  1. Reading time always seems to slip away on the weekends for me. I actually read more during the week I think. And today is no exception. But any minute now, I will be caught up and able to dive back into Santa Evita for my Nonstructured Book Group read for this Friday. Happy reading!

  2. I’ve been so busy with household chores this weekend that my reading time has had to be sporadic at best. I’m hoping to settle into my latest book a little later tonight, after dinner.

  3. I can help you out with James Salter’s Light Years which I read a couple of years ago. I loved it, and found it a beautiful, intriguing read. And yes, Sundays whizz by far too fast for my liking as well!

  4. I never seem to have time to read on a Sunday because it always turns out to be catch up day after being at work all week and looking after my two year old grand daughter Amelia on a Saturday. If Amelia stays overnight, as she sometimes does, Sunday is even more action packed as her mum and dad usually come and collect her and stay for dinner which means it has to be a roast dinner with all the trimmings – not hard but time consuming!
    Having said that I did stay up a bit late last night as I found it really difficult to put down the book I was reading, The Burying Place by Brian Freeman so a I feel even more in need of my morning coffee today than usual!

  5. Although it couldn’t be further (England) from the setting of my writing (Texas), I’m rereading Anthony Trollope’s The Prime Minister.

    Lady Glencora and Plantagenet Palliser are an intelligent love story, even from so long ago.

  6. Yesterday was a good one for me. I had gone to the movies on Saturday this week, and also watched a DVD. So Sunday I finished reading my book “Body Work,” a mystery by Sara Paretsky.

    I noticed your mention of Let’s Take the Long Way Home, which I read and LOVED last month.

    I, too, enjoy reading MORE, but I don’t always get to it right away. It sits by my bedside, which is when I sometimes pick it up to plunge into another article.

    Love Julia Glass, and I’m eager to read this new one.

    Glad you had a good Sunday.

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