The Recipe Club

Food and Friendship Confection


Two teenage girls with a passion for cooking and a deep emotional attachment to one another

Two mothers, misguided and troubled

One father, devoted and loyal

One other father, manipulative and secretive

Stir all together and simmer for three decades

Result:  Read The Recipe Club to discover!

A novel of food and friendship, The Recipe Club is the story of two lifelong friends whose passion for cooking binds them together as children and sustains them through the decades.  While Lilly Stone and Val Rudman are polar opposites in many respects – Lilly dreams of a life on stage, belting songs into a microphone, while Val plans to parlay her math and science skills into work as a physician or research scientist – they come together over a shared love of cooking.  Their exclusive Recipe Club becomes a way to share intimate hopes, dreams and experiences (along with their favorite recipes).  This bond sustains them through the decades, as they grow up, attend college, fall in love, and deal with the emotional complexities of their flawed families and a deeply guarded secret.

The Recipe Club is a fun and frothy read, rather like sitting down with a plate of the Homemade Moon Pie Cookies the girls cook up (to commemorate the original moon walk back in 1969).  This epistolary novel is garnished throughout with dozens of delicious recipes, each one appropriately themed to the storyline.

Co-authored by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel, the book definitely evokes the flavor and spice of friendship, and the way it mellows over the years.   The Recipe Club is comfort food for the heart and body, served up in a beautifully designed book with lots of sweet surprises inside.

Visit the authors website here

Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel will interviewed by Book Club Girl on Blog Talk Radio on November 3, 2010 at 7pm.  Here’s the link:

Thanks to TLC Book Tours for the opportunity to read this book!

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