Cheering Section

Every time the 24 Hour Read Along comes around I’m just a bit envious of my bookish friends who are able to participate. The mere idea of spending an entire day reading is just too delicious for words.

But somehow, I’ve never seen my way clear to hop on the read along bandwagon. I always have a convenient and purely authentic reason (too many chores, company coming, travel plans). Part of me is secretly aware that no matter how enticing it sounds in principle, this ravenous reader simply couldn’t sit still that long. Sigh.

So in order to prevent a rather certain failure, I’ll simply sit on the sidelines and cheer for those who are reading their way through this lovely Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Cheering Section

  1. Right there with you, Ravenous Reader! Highly unlikely that I will ever be able to clear a day for this endeavor, and even more unlikely that I could sit tight that long. But it is fun to hop around and see how the others are doing. They are having quite a Twitter fest too.

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