Simply Reading: The Widower’s Tale

Popping in to tell you about the book I’ve just finished:  The Widower’s Tale, by Julia Glass, tells the story of Percy Darling, a 70 year old retired Harvard librarian who lives in an historic farmhouse in a small town outside Boston.  It’s also the story of how Percy’s life changes and expands when he allows a local preschool to reconstruct the barn on his property and use it for their schoolhouse.

The Widower’s Tale does what Julia Glass does best – she creates an entire world, a milieu, as one reviewer put it – one which sucks the reader in and keeps you happily absorbed until the very last (reluctantly read) page.   She did this to perfection in Three Junes, and The Whole World Over,  both novels I own and have read more than once.

She’s done it again with The Widower’s Tale.

I simply loved it.



4 thoughts on “Simply Reading: The Widower’s Tale

  1. Oh, I picked this one up and looked at it the other day. I resisted, perhaps thinking that my desire for it would abate…but I know I’m just fooling myself.

    I’ll probably go get it today, or better still, order it from Amazon. Then I can pretend that I didn’t actually buy it. At least not until it arrives…

    I love this author and this one sounds delightful.

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