The Sunday Salon: E-reading

Was traveling last week, which means I was e-reading.  I use my Sony e-reader pretty exclusively for traveling, and even though I’m a wee bit scared of digital bookery, even I admit that it’s quite handy for reading on the road.

My husband was e-reading on this trip as well, except he was using his brand new Ipad.  We discovered once distinct advantage of the Sony over the Apple in this instance…the Ipad screen has lovely sharp image resolution, but it’s absolutely worthless if you’re sitting on a bench beside the Pacific ocean in the midday California sun.  The Sony, however, with it’s non-backlit screen, was crystal clear.  <smug smile>

Both required a rub down with the microfiber cloth to get the salt spray off their little faces ~ both cleaned up very nicely.

I planned my reading well this time, and finished The Cookbook Collector, by Allegra Goodman,  on the morning after I got home.  Yesterday I trotted off directly to the library and loaded up with an armful of hardcover books.

My, they felt good.

Something else I discovered about e-reading.  Occasionally, I’ll pick a book because I like the cover (don’t pretend you haven’t done this, for I know you have).  This happened to be the case in choosing The Cookbook Collector, which had a very pretty cover when I spied it in the bookstore before I downloaded it onto the reader.  However, when the book turns out to be dud-ly (as I’m afraid The Cookbook Collector was for me), one doesn’t even have the comfort of a pretty cover for consolation.

Another reason why I prefer print.


Now tell me, all you e-readers out there…what are some of the little things you’ve learned, pro or con, about your digital reading experience?




18 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: E-reading

    • I didn’t care about the characters for some reason, and it seemed the story lines did not come together in any meaningful way. You might like it better…

    • I’ll have to tell my husband about the Kindle app – I don’t think he has that yet. He was a little disappointed that he couldn’t get the app to download from our library ( I have that on the Sony).

  1. I use my Kindle exclusively for travel, but still carry at least one print book with me, too, for the Nazi flight attendants who run around destroying all electronic devices below 10,000. What am I supposed to read while waiting for the ok to read my Kindle, lol?

  2. lol @ Michele. I am going away in a few weeks and I was wondering about taking a book for those first ten minutes and last ten minutes of the flight!

    My positive is that you can read one handed – very handy for reading on crowded public transport whilst standing up, for reading whilst eating, and for reading in bed on cold nights!

  3. Greetings! Nice post. I’m glad I found your site on google. I personally use the iPad because of its multiple functionality – you know doing business on the road. I’ll have to check out the Sony Reader sometime though. Also, if you’re ever looking for christian ebook titles, or fitness, family, relationships, etc. you should check out I am constantly downloading their ebooks, ezines, and especially free emagazines. Enjoy!

    Best, RL

  4. As a bona fide book junkie who loves the smell and feel of books, I have only just recently begun to entertain the idea of e-readers…I have a couple of apps on my Blackberry(tiny screen, I know) and am seeing the benefits of several books on the go.
    Which e-reader to purchase is my next decision…Barnes n Noble’s Nook, Amazon’s Kindle…Sony?!? Ah comparisions…


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