Reading Line Up

Although I didn’t plan it this way, my reading for November has aligned itself perfectly…

The month began with The Debutante, a quite compelling little romantic mystery, with a dab of historical suspense thrown in.  Oddly enough, it all worked quite well and ended up being an fast paced, enjoyable read.  (Complete review to come on November 8, 2010, for TLC Book Tours).

Now I’m thoroughly engrossed in Russian Winter, by Daphne Kalotay, which has quite a bit in common with The Debutante. It’s another historical-romantic-suspense novel, this time concerning the life and loves of  a Russian ballerina, a mysterious love letter, and a collection of rare jewels.

Russian Winter provides the perfect segue to this beautiful new translation of Dr. Zhivago, which I won in a giveaway sponsored by Frances at Nonsuch Books. I’m looking forward to reading along with her and others beginning November 16, 2010.

How’s your reading lining up these days?


3 thoughts on “Reading Line Up

  1. Sometimes your reading plans always just fall together perfectly don’t they? Love that Russian Winter theme. I saw the diaries of Sophie Tolstoy on the shelves at Waterstones and they quite intrigued me.

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