The Sunday Salon – Sounds of The Island

We’ve been blessed with a long string of beautiful, Indian summer days – Saturday afternoon I hung clothes on the line to dry and sat on the porch in my shirtsleeves.  Nothing special about that you say?  Maybe not where you live, but in Michigan, mid-November – well that’s as rare as hen’s teeth.

It all came to and end today.  The sky was battleship gray, and wind as icy as cold steel.

But in my car, I was still on the beach at Tuckernuck, the little island off the coast of Nantucket which bears the title role in Elin Hilderband’s 2009 novel.  I’ve been listening to the audio book of this delightful novel for the past several weeks, and I’m completely enraptured by the story but also by Denice Hicks, whose reading on this audiobook is simply perfection.

The reader is just the most important thing in audiobooks.  Ms. Hicks is pitch perfect – in rhythm, inflection, dramatization…she’s got it down pat for every character.  Here, listen to an excerpt...

I’ve only recently come to Elin Hilderbrand’s novels (after winning Barefoot in a giveaway), but I enjoy them immensely.  If you must classify them, I suppose they’re “women’s fiction,” but they’re smarter and more interesting than some other work in that genre.  They encompass women of all ages, not just the 20 or 30-something flibertigibbet’s that are commonly featured in this type of tale.  And every one I’ve read so far occurs on (or near) the eastern seaboard.  That’s somewhere I’ve never been, but really, really want to go.

Alas, winter has arrived here in Michigan.  But I can hardly wait to head off to work tomorrow, so I can be transported back to The Island

Now tell me, has your recent reading (or listening) transported you to a different world?


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – Sounds of The Island

  1. Though I’m a Texas writer, I live in California, and we’re having the same almost creepily beautiful weather that you describe in your post. Indian summer is getting really close to Indian winter….

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