Nooks and Crannys

Imagine my surprise to find this under my Christmas tree yesterday:

The brand new, all color, 3G Nook reader from Barnes and Noble.

I was surprised because I already have a Sony e-reader, which my husband bought for my birthday last March.  I use it almost exclusively for traveling, which means about once every six weeks when we come to Florida I’ll buy a couple of e books to last me through the trip.

My first thought upon opening the box was that I’d have to return it.  After all the Sony works perfectly well, especially when you consider that e-reading is not (nor will it ever be) my primary reading method.  It seems so unpractical to spend money on yet another reading gadget.  When I expressed this opinion to my husband (gently, of course, because I know he puts great thought and effort into gift buying), he simply pooh-poohed my common sense approach.

“But this is back-lit, and in color, and it has internet so you can buy books directly on it,” he explained, sounding like the Nook sales representative I assiduously avoid when I go into the store.  “Come on, just open it up.  I want to see how it works.”

Well, once I opened the box and fired it up, of course I was sold.  The backlighting gives the page a nice bright screen with adjustable contrast, which is perfect for my tired old eyes, especially in airplane light where it’s sometimes hard to read the Sony screen.  Connecting to the internet directly means I can not only go to the B & N site and browse/get free samples/purchase right from the Nook, I can also highlight passages and post directly to Twitter or Facebook.  I can also get copies of magazines (Writer’s Digest and The Writer) and read newspapers (The New York Times).

Despite being quite thrilled with the Nook, in the cranny’s of my mind I still feel pangs of remorse about the Sony.  My son originally offered to take it off my hands, but then he opened his present (the amazing, multi-function I-pad), and promptly forgot all about my pathetic e-reader that does only one thing.


Now tell me, were there any  bookish surprises under your tree yesterday?


10 thoughts on “Nooks and Crannys

  1. Congrats on getting the Nook. I hope you enjoy it. And while I do feel some remorse for your Sony e-reader, I have to say that that’s kind of life in the tech world: here today gone tomorrow. It is sad but it can also be fun: there is always something new, faster, and brighter coming out.

    As far as bookish presents go, I didn’t really get any this year. I had gotten my iPad for my birthday, but my parents did get me a wonderful iPad accessory: the keyboard docking station. It will make my iPad a better blogging tool.

  2. If you are holding, using and touting the Nook, it’s likely just around the corner, my belief in it. Cuz I trust what you say, ‘specially knowing that you love actual books. Books themselves. Real books.
    So, really? The Nook. Hmmm. I”m a B&N lover. But I’ll wait.
    As for what was unde the tree? egads, so many cool thins. I will have to do a post. But the letaher field journal, with snap pocket and enclosed sketchpad/journal within would be the winner (well, one of them) at the moment. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought of it nor been able to find it if I had.
    Merry Christmas, B and look forward to catching up by reading back blogs over the next few days!

  3. Since my writing is on the net, I ought to be a hundred percent behind these devices, but I don’t quite have the same feeling for them as I do a book in the hand.

    But congratulations!

  4. I still prefer old-fashioned books, but am secretly glad not to be tempted by an e-reader. It would probably get returned for books, but once in hand, you never know!

    Meanwhile I’m quite happy with a cool old copy of The Elected Member for my Booker Prize winners collection. Santa done good.

  5. I just love an impractical husband! And see how happily it all worked out? There is often real inspiration in a lack of common sense. Enjoy your e-reading on whatever device you pick up!

  6. I received the Nook Color as well and have fallen in love with it! I’m actually more worried about the fact that the actual books may be a little forgotten about it for a while because the Nook Color is so simple to use and easy to read on! I posted about it today!

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