The Sunday Salon ~ Restlessly Reading

The Sunday

Another snowstorm blew in yesterday, totally unexpected and under-forecasted, dumping five more inches of snow onto the huge mounds left in the wake of Wednesday’s storm.  The paths I’ve shoveled for the dogs are now tunnels, and they can barely see over the top.  It’s been many years since I’ve seen this much snow in my yard.  I’m feeling trapped, shrouded,  buried and all those other words that ignite my claustrophobia.

I’m even having a hard time reading – I feel restless, edgy, irritable.  My mind wanders, and I have to go back and re-read passages because the meaning has completely eluded me.   As much as I love Maisie Dobbs, trying to focus on Pardonable Lies was a losing battle yesterday, so I gave up and watched a few episodes of The Tudors, thankful once again for the marvel of modern technology in general, and Instant Netflix in particular.

Books have always been a mainstay for me, and I know I’m in trouble when I can’t enjoy reading. It’s a rare and extreme occasion when I’m  too sick to read, too sad to read, too worried to read.   Being too restless to read is something new, and I think it’s another symptom of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), which has simply clobbered me this winter.

Instead of reading, I’ve been pottering around in my reading room.  I cleared a shelf for my Reading About Writing library, and now have a spot to keep those books close at hand.  I also created a Facebook page for Bookstack, and I’m finding it much more satisfying than my Twitter account in terms of posting links and having a conversation with people about reading, writing, and all things bookish.  If you’re a Facebook user, stop by.

Reading plans for the week ahead?  Finish Pardonable Lies for the readalong at Book Club Girl.  I’ll probably jump right into the next book in the series, because I’m Mad About Maisie.  I have Julia Cameron’s The Creative Life, and Pat Conroy’s My Reading Life sitting beside me, and will choose one of those as well.  Any recommendations as to which one first?

Alas, this feeling of restlessness is awfully disconcerting.  My heart feels jumpy (which is probably because of that second pot of coffee I made a few minutes ago), and my head aches.  How to relax?  Yoga?  Meditation? Playing music?

All worthy efforts.  I’ll be giving them each a try before the day is out.

Now tell me, does the weather affect your reading life,  for good or ill?  How do you relax when you’re restless?


12 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon ~ Restlessly Reading

  1. It’s not going to be any comfort to you, but I react in exactly the same way to snow. I hate it and prowl restlessly round the house when it becomes impossible to get out. We have had torrential rain today rather than snow and a lot of areas are flooded or in imminent danger of flooding. And it is so difficult when you can’t read, isn’t it? I find audio versions of old favourite are very useful under those circumstances. Stephen Fry reading Harry potter is a godsend.

  2. I hadn’t thought about trying audio books – that’s a good idea. I could do something else with my hands and feet at the same time! Although I’m not sure what that would be 🙂

  3. Oh, sister, do I EVER understand! I am s-e-v-e-r-e-l-y claustrophobic and also must have sunshine and lots of it often…this winter is, quite frankly, kicking my ass! The snow ohglorybe the snow!
    Hugs of total understanding…I am absolutely PINING for a good walk outside in warm sunshine!

    • I was ecstatic the other day when I was finally able to walk my dogs outdoors – even though it was freezing and slippery, the sun was out and that made things so much better!

  4. Eek. I’ve never been in that much snow, but I could imagine it would drive me up the wall too. The weather extremes we suffer here in Taiwan are the other end of the scale – oppressive heat and humidity. When that stuff hits, I can’t read if I’m not somewhere air-conditioned. Actually, I can’t do anything without air-con! Opposite kind of problem and I’m sure that a 34 degrees celsius day sounds like heaven when you’re staring at a mound of snow.

  5. I feel for you! I am very claustrophobic, and in snowy weather, like we had before Christmas, the media goes into a frenzy about food shortages and so on and that sort of thing can really wind me up. I am another devotee of audio books under bad circumstances. I can always listen to old favourites, even when I can’t read.

    • Audiobooks put me right to sleep unless I’m doing something with my hands while they’re on. I had one going the last time I did housepainting, and that really helped.

  6. Hope you had a good week! Did you pick The Creative Life? I’ve read the first chapter (via a Kindle sample) and enjoyed it, although it feels more like a memoir than something like the Artist’s Way.

  7. Sometimes you just have to cast the book aside and go and do something else instead! I used to do yoga, but I prefer to exercise to music. I find a zumba class blows those cobwebs away and gets me back into reading. I’m sure you’ll get your reading mojo back soon.

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