Welcome to the Ball

~the blogger ball that is.

She Writes (by way of 1st Books) is hosting a get-to-know you soiree for bloggers who write about books and writing.  I just joined the She Writes community, so I’m looking forward to this opportunity to meet more women who write.

One of my newest writing/blogging habits has been to carry a small notebook around in my purse (with pen attached).  It’s amazing how many times during the day I might whip it out to jot down an idea for a post, or a phrase from a book I’m reading.  Every writing book I’ve ever read has recommended this tactic, and I’ve finally figured out that it really works.  Besides, it’s fun to buy cute little notebooks.



25 thoughts on “Welcome to the Ball

  1. SheWrites hopper hopping by!
    That notebook thing is a GREAT idea! I carry one around already but I simply use it to write down book titles I see that I want to buy. But now it’ll be even more useful 🙂

    • I was surprised at how much I’ve used mine for notes and ideas (as well as grocery lists and book lists, etc.)
      I’ve found I need one that’s at least 4 x 6 inches though, or it’s too small to write in effectively.

  2. A writer’s notebook is essential and in so many cases would be a marvelous read in itself! I’m thrilled to meet you and will return when the SheWrites Blog Hop music slows down a little. See you again soon…

  3. Hi Julie, I hear you about the notebooks, I’ve got stacks of them. All sizes, all shapes. A whole collection of notebooks! Oh, and psst…you know you’re a writer when you get REALLY excited about a visit to Staples. 😉

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