The Sunday Salon – Moving On

The Sunday

Having been immersed in “all things Maisie” (Dobbs, that is) for the past several weeks, I’m now totally up to date on the series and ready to move on to other reading.  The timing couldn’t have been more fortuitous.  Last week’s mail brought two eagerly anticipated ARC’s ~ Joy for Beginners, by Erica Bauermeister, and The Four Mrs. Bradwells, by Meg Waite Clayton ~ plus an order from Amazon containing Pictures of You, a new novel by Carolyn Leavitt.

So, what to read first?  It’s like having a huge box of delicious chocolates arrayed before me, my finger hovering over each one in turn as I try to decide which one to pluck from its wrapper.  Should I make it as simple as eeny meeny miny mo? Read them in the order of arrival on my doorstep? Close my eyes and point? Or should I peruse the descriptions and meditate on which one calls out to me?


I’ll keep you posted on what I pick.

***Just posted: Starting with Joy for Beginners, because how can I resist a book that has uses one of my absolute favorite lines from a poem as its epigraph~

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ~Mary Oliver


How do you choose what to read next?


17 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – Moving On

  1. It’s usually the one that has to be read before it needs to go back to the library. There’s nothing as motivating as knowing I will have to go back to the end of a very long reservation list if I don’t hurry up and read something.

    • I just returned a big pile of finished library books, and was smart enough to stay OUT of the library where I would surely be distracted from my little stack of new books at home. First things first…

  2. Oh, I’m so eager to get The Four Mrs. Bradwells..I’m drooling here. I got Pictures of You a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t read it yet because other books had first priority…sigh.

    I have several books I’m anticipating on Sparky, my Kindle, too.

    Hope you enjoy whatever book you pick!


  3. If I have several new books to read, I read the first chapter of each one and then I go with the book that captured my interest the most. I’m also influenced by due dates since most of the books I read come from the library. I find that if I have been deeply involved in a good novel and have finished it, I have a hard time immediately picking up another book of fiction. I can’t seem to get involved with a whole new set of characters when the previous ones are still on my mind and in my heart. So I tend to catch up on magazine or non fiction reading for a couple of days and then I’m ready for another story.

    • Due dates are a big deciding factor – I get lots of books from the library too, so I try to read those first.

      I have trouble sometimes switching from a novel I’ve really loved to something else. I sometimes stick in a memoir or another type of nonfiction, too.

  4. Usually something pops out of my TBR that feels just right for the moment. I have the audio of the first Maisie Dobbs book – now I’m really looking forward to starting the series!

  5. I find that when I have so many great books on my shelves (like I do now) that it is difficult for me to choose what to read next. Seriously. I stare at the books FOREVER trying to guess my mood. I’m such a dork.

  6. I always go with whatever seems like the most fun, which varies a lot. If nothing seems like fun, I end up surfing the Internet and feeling like an idiot. Thus the reason I stay tuned to my favorite book review blogs.

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