The Sunday Salon

This Sunday finds me contemplating a rather large To Be Read pile, an exciting mix of contemporary fiction and memoir, a somewhat ancient biography, and a proposed re-read of one of my favorite books about writing. Mind you, I’m not complaining in the least – I love having a healthy pile of books in front of me.  It’s comforting to know that I’ll not be starved for reading material anytime in the near future.

Early in the week I (finally!) finished No Ordinary Time, a completing riveting history book which focused on the “homefront” during World War II.  But it was 678 pages…so it consumed a fair amount of my reading time.  There was no doubt in my mind what to pick next…my copy of Rebecca Rasmussen’s novel The Bird Sisters had arrived in last Friday’s mail, and I was so, so eager to get reading this book.  If you haven’t picked up any of the buzz about this one, I’m surprised.  Rasmussen is a very accessible author, and she’s done a wonderful job of creating a “presence” in the book blogging community.  The novel reflects the author’s personal charm – it’s the bittersweet and poignant story of Milly and Twiss, two sisters in the small town of Spring Green, Wisconsin, and how one pivotal summer in 1947 changes changes their lives forever.  I’m reading it very slowly because I want to make it last.

But when I’ve finished it, I’ll be taking up The Long Goodbye, a memoir by the poet/writer Meghan O’Rourke who writes of her mother’s death.  Gail Caldwell (author of one of my favorite memoirs recently), in her review in today’s NYT, writes that  “The Long Goodbye is O’Rourke’s anguished, beautifully written chronicle of that passage, from the innocence of a relatively privileged life to the wider and more desolate country that great loss imposes.”

I think this will not be an easy read, emotionally speaking.  Look for my complete review for TLC Book Tours on April 26.

I’m happy to have so much to read today, because I’m definitely staying inside.  There’s quite a windstorm carrying on here in Michigan.  In fact, just a bit ago, a huge tree fell in the yard behind us, taking a power line down with it.  There were sparks flying and blue lights flashing, and firemen running around the neighborhood.  Suprisingly enough, we still have electrical service, but I’ve gathered up the candles and flashlights just in case.

Hope it’s calmer where you are this Sunday.

Happy reading.


10 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon

  1. I’m also waiting to read THE BIRD SISTERS until closer to Rebecca Rasmussen’s local event. That’s not until the beginning of June, though, and I’m not sure I can hold out that long!

    Wow, your storms sound terrible! You’re wise to prepare with the candles and flashlights, stay inside, and curl up and read that “healthy” TBR pile 🙂

  2. I’ve been under a rock somewhere, evidently, as The Bird Sisters is new to me but I’m already intrigued by it. I rather like the sound of your windstorm – I like a little extreme weather, so long as a) I don’t have to go out and b) I’m not afraid of the roof blowing off or of being flooded out!

  3. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Rebecca Rasmussen before! Of course, not until I read this post and went and googled everything I could about her. hehe. But The Bird Sisters sounds absolutely amazing, thanks for passing the word along. And I recently read The Long Goodbye and it’s one of only a few books that I’ve ever had that physical a reaction to. We’re talking sobs, so keep some kleenex handy. Thanks for a great Sunday Salon!

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