The Bookstack

When we got home earlier this evening from our visit to Dallas, where we spent a lovely week visiting our son and daughter in law in their new home, a familiar sized box from awaited me on the front porch.

“Let me guess,” my husband said drily as he picked it up. “Books, right?”

“But of course,” I answered, grabbing it out of his hand.  “What could be better?”

Even though it was dark, I know he rolled his eyes at me. “Just how tall is this bookstack of yours going to get?” he answered, fitting the key into the lock and opening the door.

“As tall as it can,” I replied archly.

Truth be told, my bookstacks (there are actually three of them at this point) are getting a bit wobbly these days.  I may have to get a debt consolidation mortgage and add another room on the house…actually, that’s not such a bad idea.  The bookstacks are all very tall, with review books, research books, library books, writing books…books and more books.  The one thing about e-books that I like better than real books?  You can’t see the ever-mounting stack piling up in front of you.

I zipped open the cellophane tape, unsealed the box,  and added these newest additions to their proper stack: The Art of the Personal Essay, edited by Phillip Lopate; and Tell it Slant, Writing and Shaping Creative Nonfiction, by Brenda Miller.  While I was there, I searched out Thoughts Without Cigarettes, a memoir by Oscar Hijuelos, which I’m due to review on June 13, 2011,  for TLC Book tours.  Lucky for me (and my bank account), most of my recent acquisitions have been review copies and library books, so at least I’m safe from the debt consolidation mortgage on that score!

Oh, did I tell you about the great mystery book I bought while I was in Dallas? It didn’t even get a chance to go on the stack – I bought it and cracked it open immediately.

Aren’t bookstacks wonderful?

3 thoughts on “The Bookstack

  1. The are also useful. I always tell my two book groups not to worry about picking a book that I haven’t read but my one friend was determined. So I let her look at my stack of books to be read and she chose one for her month – and then I chose another for my upcoming month – that knocks two off the stack!

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