Escape Into Summer Reading -Sea Escape Giveaway

I love summer reading.  When I was a youngster, I could hardly wait until school was out so I could join the library summer reading program.  I’d happily stock up on all sorts of books, then spend my summer afternoons ravenously reading out in the backyard.  True, some of the neighborhood kids made fun of me.  But I didn’t care, because there was nothing I loved more in summertime than taking a stack of books under the shade tree, setting up my chaise lounge, and settling in to read for an entire afternoon.

My son was the same way, although when he was a teenager, his preferred summer reading was usually graphic novels. He would have adored this site – “
…too bad he’s outgrown this passion (or has he?)

If reading is one of your favorite summer activities, or even if you’re looking for one perfect book to take on a beach vacation, you’ve come to the right place.  Lynne Griffin’s wonderful novel, Sea Escape, is the perfect summer read.  I read this novel last summer and loved it…It’s got interesting characters, a great family dynamic, and it’s set at the beach.  What’s not to like?

Sea Escape has just been released in paperback, and I have a brand new copy to give away to someone who’s looking for that perfect summer read.

Just leave a comment and tell me about your favorite place to read in the summer. Winner will be chosen on Monday, June 13, 2011.

Happy Summer Reading, y’all.


22 thoughts on “Escape Into Summer Reading -Sea Escape Giveaway

  1. Right along side my sweet son up in a clubhouse/treehouse. I read to him for awhile then when he needs to run and play I settle into my own summer reading.

  2. The place varies, the person I am with does not. My husband. We always do something for our anniversary; 17 years thus year. Three years ago we were in Scotland and spent a few days on the Isle of Arran. Beautiful. We spent a super day at Brodick Castle, owned by the National Trust for Scotland. We toured the house, explored the gardens & admired the flowers, the creative summerhouse, which was decorated with cones. We sat at the Teashop enjoying our special time, me reading, hubs looking at a local magazine & our photos. A simple pleasure but magical. Sorry i’ve rambled!

  3. On the sheltered porch of a lakefront cottage, hearing the waves, cold drink at my side … could read forever and ever. Great post — thanks for bringing back memories.

  4. On our new couch! We haven’t had a couch since 2006. I can’t believe I went so long without one. It’s going to be a wonderful summer, don’t you think? xo

    • I love porch swings – we had one when I was a child, and it was a favorite place, especially at night when I was ready for bed, to come out and swing under the stars.

  5. Where isn’t a great place to read?! This summer has been filled with traveling for work, so my favorite place to read has been the airplane. I’m definitely a “book” person but my Kindle is perfect for when I travel. I don’t have access to a beach, etc., so sometimes just snuggled up in my favorite reading chair in the living room with a cool breeze and sunlight is the “perfect” place for me.

    • Robin, your reading place sounds lovely 🙂 And I travel quite a bit too, so I get lots of reading done on the plane and in airports! Not the ideal atmosphere, but it sure helps to pass the time!

  6. I like reading at the beach – the air is soothing and soft; and when I need to look away from my book, there is the ocean to relax my eyes and thoughts.

    But really, I have to read in my room – it’s like a blank slate, enabling myself to be completely engulfed by the words and pictures.

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