The Sunday Salon

I bought my husband a book for Father’s I’ve mentioned before, he has become quite the reader, although recently he’s taken to reading many of his book on the iPad, and I’m trying to coax him back into the world of paper and ink.  You see, we have a small rule about the iPad  – actually, it’s about the internet in general. The rule involves refraining from internet surfing prior to falling asleep.  I think he’s pretending to be reading on the iPad when he’s really surfing the internet. Actually, I know he is. At least he’s reading and not playing some computer game that will give him nightmares about plants vs. zombies!

Hence the purchase of an actual book – a hardcover book. He doesn’t care for paperbacks in general, so I figured it best to go with a real hardcover, not to big so it’s doesn’t hurt when he falls asleep and drops it on his nose. (I have to be mindful of the same thing when choosing my own bedtime reading.)

I ended up with Seal Team Six, because I know he’s interested in military operations, and also because I can never remember which Michael Connolly-David Baldacci-Stuart Woods-Vince Flynn books he’s read.

I hope he likes it.  But if he doesn’t .he’s had enough treats already this weekend to make him plenty happy. He’s gone off his diet for every meal today. He got to skip church and sleep in this morning. And, he’s picking up a shiny new car tomorrow.

In the end, if he’s still not satisfied with all his gifts this Father’s Day, he’ll just have to wait until next year when he’ll be getting the biggest gift any Father can get – a grandchild.

I’m quite certain that will make him happiest of all.


4 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon

  1. How exciting to have a grandchild on the way! And has he read Lee Childs? My husband and I are both quite hooked on him at the moment, even though that sort of book isn’t normally my thing. Anyway, I’m sure he loved what you got him and had a very happy Father’s Day.

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