Poetry Thursday

A long time ago in an internet far away, there was a weekly blog meme called Poetry Thursday. People posted their own poetry, or favorite poems by “famous” poets. Because of Poetry Thursday, I made the acquaintance of Mary Oliver, Sharon Olds, Jane Kenyon, Naomi Shabib Nye, and Billy Collins, and reacquainted myself with some old favorites like the ones at  http://www.RumiPoems.com/.

Somehow, summer feels like a good time to revive the idea of a weekly poetry day, so in homage to Poetry Thursday, I’ll post a poem every Thursday.  Feel free to post one of your own on your blog – a favorite by someone else, such as those found at RumiPoems.com
or if you’re really brave, one you’ve written yourself.  Or if you’d rather just read the poem posted here, that’s perfectly all right with me.  Here’s today’s, from Billy Collins latest collection, Horoscopes for the Dead:


It was late, of course,

just the two of us still at the table

working on a second bottle of wine


when you speculated that maybe Eve came first

and Adam began as a rib

that leaped out of her side one paradisal afternoon.


Maybe, I remember saying,

because much was possible back then,

and I mentioned the talking snake

and the giraffes sticking their necks out of the ark,

their noses up in the pouring Old Testament rain.


I like a man with a flexible mind, you said then,

lifting your candlelit glass to me

and I raised mine to you and began to wonder

what life would be like as one of your ribs –

to be with you all the time,

riding under your blouse and skin,

caged under the soft weight of your breasts,


your favorite rib, I am assuming,

if you ever bothered to stop and count them


which is just what I did later that night

after you had fallen asleep

and we were fitted tightly back to front,

your long legs against the length of mine,

my fingers doing the crazy numbering that comes of love.


3 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday

  1. Good idea, there is not enough poetry on book blogs and poetry lends itself very well to the format of a blog. Will look forward to your selections.

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