Simply Reading – Maine

It’s been a while since I read a book purely because I wanted to. I love my review books, and I’ve become quite adept at choosing books to review that I think I’ll actually enjoy reading.  Still, it’s fun to read a book simply because you want to – you’ve heard great buzz about it or a friend recommends it or the cover just screams “buy me!”

All three of those reasons came into play with Maine, what I’d call a quintessential summer novel by J. Courtney Sullivan. I started it last night right before bed, which was a huge mistake – even though I kept dozing off, I was so reluctant to set it aside for the night that I found myself on page 103 before I finally gave in and turned off the light.

Maine satisfies every one of my reading cravings ~

  • character driven – check
  • family saga – check
  • great development of complex relationships – check
  • really good, tight, and descriptive writing – check
  • beach house on the Atlantic ocean setting – double check
One of my secret, yet-to-be fulfilled desires is to have a beach house somewhere on the shores of the Atlantic – anywhere from Maine down to Myrtle Beach would be just fine.
The Kelleher family “cottage” sits at the end of a “fairy tale road, a long stretch of sand inside a tunnel of lush pine trees.” At the end, “there was the ocean, sparkling in the sun, dark blue against a small sandy beach, which was nestled between two long stretches of rocky coast.”
Sad to say, I don’t see a place like this in my future any time soon, if ever.  But I’m glad J. Courtney Sullivan can envision it for me, and bring it to life so perfectly on the page.



5 thoughts on “Simply Reading – Maine

  1. I can’t believe that I AM FROM MAINE and I have not read this yet. I am putting this at the top of my TBR pile, after I finish my other review committments. Thanks for the great review


  2. I think I’ve heard of J Courtney Sullivan before…. now where? I do remember that I thought she was someone I very much wanted to read. Thank you for reminding me of the name!

  3. One of those books that takes you right in. It was recommended to me by my local book store, I sort of rolled my eyes, but they have been so nice to me I took it thinking I would gift it. Then I started it and really enjoyed the story and the setting.

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