Summer Clearinghouse Giveaways

Many folks mark this end of summer holiday with a barbeque or last trip to the beach.  My Labor Day ritual is house cleaning.

Not just cleaning, but re-dressing, putting away the frothy summer curtains, light rugs, and Fresh Laundry scented candles, in favor of darker tones and more pungent scents.  Packing the white shoes into their boxes and pulling a sweater or two out of mothballs.  Replacing the pots of tired impatiens and petunias with hearty mums in rich fall colors.

The bookshelves get purged too, and the summer reading list gets a good going over.  Some things will be shelved for perpetuity, others will be donated to the library, and others offered up to you, my Bookstack reader, as a small token of affection.

If you would like to receive a (gently read) copy of any of these books, please leave a comment with your first, second, and third choices. Three winners will be chosen at random on Sunday, September 11, 2011.



Now tell me ~ do you have any rituals to prepare for the change of season?






8 thoughts on “Summer Clearinghouse Giveaways

  1. I loved your post — the sweet, sensual romance of changing a house from summer to autumn — I wish I was there! I’m less organized; our ritual involves gorging ourselves on the last of the summer bounty (corn, watermelon, lobster) and sighing as we start to retire our shorts in favor of mid-length pants and skirts. (We very reluctantly let go of summer in our house!)

    Very lovely giveaway — I’m drowning in books so I will pass but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated it! 🙂

  2. I usually do a Labor Day cleaning/reorganizing effort too. Not so much this year, since we just moved and most of that was done as part of the moving craziness. Still, I’d love THE LANTERN (as much as I should not bring another book into this apartment :). Already read Claude and Camille, and I have ONE DAY on my Kindle, so I’ll pass on these. Thanks, and enjoy your weekend!

  3. 1. One Day
    2. Claude & Camille

    I have already read The Lantern.

    I feel fall in the air & that means I need to dig into my closet to see what clothes I have for the upcoming colder weather. I have lost more than 60 pounds since June 11, and I have no idea what fits any more. The thought of investigating the depths of my closet is both exciting and daunting.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.


    jhsmail at comcast dot net

  4. I would love to read One Day!

    My season transition is putting away the old clothes and getting out the new clothes. I love putting away my summer shorts for the scarves, boots and sweaters of fall!

  5. I loved your description of the transition rituals between the changing seasons – it could have come from a novel! I do like the knitwear, heavier fabrics and richer colours of autumn. I also re-read Persuasion set in the fall.

  6. have you cleared your shelves by now?
    always happy for new reads! great idea and another shared this weekend at FHC – originating in the UK yesterday, but no reason not to enjoy the benefits wherever we live…. enjoy joining!

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