The Sunday Salon: Baby Books

Today finds me still basking in the glow of kindness created by two friends who hosted a “Grandma-to-be Shower” for me yesterday afternoon. A lovely circle of ladies gathered to celebrate this momentous rite of passage, and to bring gifts for the expected new arrival.

Of course, you might guess that those gifts included books.  As we sat in my friend’s living room, we passed every beautiful picture book around the room to a chorus of oohs and ahs.  “Look at the illustrations!” could be heard.  “Oh this is so sweet!” and “What a funny story!”

Some brought books that had been their own children’s favorites.  Others brought brand new tales for this brand new babe.

All were SO very much appreciated. The boy’s library will soon be larger than his grandmother’s, and I’ll soon have to buy a solid oak bookcase to hold them all!

Today I’ve been sitting and reading them all to myself, imagining the feel of a sweet baby boy on my lap, his head nestled against my breast, listening and learning and loving books just like his Gran.

Can’t wait.

The Sunday


10 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Baby Books

  1. Oh, it seems like yesterday that my first grandson was coming to join our world…and that was sixteen years ago! Since then, I’ve had six more grandchildren, ranging in age now from eight to sixteen. There is nothing like becoming a grandparent, and I know you’re going to love it!

    One of my granddaughters, who is fourteen, loves to read (and write) as much as I do. It’s so much fun to hang out with her.


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