Simply Reading:French Lessons


I never leave home without them.

And luckily I brought an extra one or two with me here to the magical world of Disney. When sleep eluded me last night, I finished Before Ever After, and crawled out bed to retrieve another book from the traveling library in my suitcase pocket.

French Lessons, by Ellen Susskind, is one of those ensemble novels (I love them) that features three Americans in Paris who set off to explore the city on one particular day. Each one has hired a French tutor for the day, and as each pair explores the city, they also explore the reasons that have brought them there. It’s engaging, smart, sexy, and the perfect thing to read on vacation. I loved everyone of the characters, loved the Paris scenery, and drooled over the cafe stops for coffee and pastries.

It was great to get away this week, too. When get home it will be time to do all the fall cleaning, a task I’ve promised myself to take on in earnest this year since I’m not working right now.  Cleaning is not one of my favorite chores, and whenever I can hire professionals like

to help me out, I do so with great enthusiasm.  I’m always on the lookout for the best home carpet cleaners austin, especially with my two fur babies having the run of the house.

So  my vacation time is a perfect way to store up energy for the cleaning tasks ahead. Of course it would be even more perfect were I vacationing in Paris.

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