State of Wonder

Reading Ann Patchett is like talking a master class in writing.

Within the first four pages of State of Wonder, a book the New York Times aptly described as an “immensely touching novel” and “an engaging, consumately told tale,” Patchett has introduced every main character with spare, well chosen details that make them immediately knowable. She has pulled me into a story I was initially lukewarm about, and made me loathe to set the book aside, although I was borrowing time from other pressing morning business. She has made me care already, and care a lot, about what happens next.

In the past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed all my reading. But I can tell this one is going to be something altogether different and special.

A master class.

Now tell me, what authors do you read whose work is like a master class?


10 thoughts on “State of Wonder

  1. I had the same initial reaction to this as you but within a few pages I was hooked and completely drawn in. It is high on my list of reads of the year.

    Writers that I think provide a masterclass have to include Alice Hoffman.

    • When I started reading it this morning, it struck me immediately how well she got the reader engaged immediately, defined the characters so they were sympathetic, and started moving the story right along. Masterful writing 🙂

      I hope the rest of it goes so well.

  2. I want to read this one – I’ve heard so many good things about it. The writer whose writing I most admire is probably Anne Tyler. Every sentence is a delight, witty and tender and true.

  3. I’ve never read Ann Patchett, but I intend to. I agree with your other commenters about Anne Tyler. In fact, I’m reading one of her novels, Celestial Navigation right now.

    • Nicola, I’m so in love with this novel. It’s a marvel.
      I felt the same way about Bel Canto, and I would recommend you start with that one.

      All this talk about Anne Tyler makes me want to read her again, too 🙂 I’ll have to start looking through my bookstack and see what I have!

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