Banking on Blogging

“You have a blog, don’t you?” inquired one of my friends just before church yesterday.

“I have three,” I said. “On three different subjects.”

“I’m thinking of starting one,” he replied. “I’ve been doing some writing recently, humorous stuff about life and politics. Sort of Andy Rooney style.”

I told him I thought it was a great idea. His witty, acerbic sense of humor and wide based knowledge would probably produce some very enjoyable and successful posts.

We continued our conversation for a bit, and I realized he thought I made money from my blogs. Like real money. Not just the kind from affiliate links or an occasional text link ad. Real money.

Well, that’s another kettle of fish entirely, and definitely warranted more in-depth information than I could give him.  Occasionally I wish I knew how to make money from blogging. Apparently some people are quite successful at it. But I certainly wouldn’t know how to advise anyone with a startup blog as to how to turn a profit with it.

Then again, I enjoy blogging for so many other reasons. It motivates me to write, and affords me a place to share my writing with others. It introduces me to wonderful people – writers, artists, and other folks with great perspectives on life in general. It offers me an opportunity to make connections with other readers and writers, to learn about (and sometimes get copies of!) the latest books.

The rewards of blogging are many.

They just aren’t monetary.

At least not for me. But that’s okay. Sometimes when you turn something you love into something you use to make a living, it takes all the joy out of it.

And I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen.






14 thoughts on “Banking on Blogging

  1. I agree – I would need to put significantly more work into my blog in order to even consider making money from it. I am impressed by how professional many blogs are and understand why they make money from them. But that is not my objective or focus – I am happy just to have a place to record my thoughts about books and have some dialogue with fellow readers.

    • I’m impressed and not a little fascinated that people can make money from blogs, and in so many different ways. I like blogging for the community it brings me.

  2. Hi Becca
    No danger of money interfering with my love of blogging so far, that’s for sure! I don’t anticipate money will ever be a factor, and that’s just fine with me. The real reward lies in gaining new readers, or in running into someone who says, “I just love your blog!” Makes me feel like a million.

  3. Someone was talking to me about this just yesterday. I am not in a hurry to try and monetise my blog. A big part of the reason is that I feel like I would be moving away from my bookish focus if I start having ads for just about everything else on my blog!

  4. Blogging has its own rewards–and there is all kinds of advice out there about “monetizing” ie making it make money. But my life is too short to do anything for the rest of it than live and love and be true to what I know.

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