Venice in February

No, I’m not going to Venice in February.

Not literally at least.

But literarily, I will venture to the north of Italy and wind my way down the via Veneto, linger along the Grand Canal, and quaff Italian wine.

Thanks to the Venice in February reading challenge, I’ll be exploring all things Venice through my reading. After perusing Bellezza’s post this morning, I’ve chosen these to get me started:

A Thousand Days in Venice, by Marlena diBlasi: “Featuring Marlena’s own incredible recipes, A Thousand Days in Venice is the enchanting true story of a woman who opens her heart—and falls in love with both a man and a city.

A Venetian Reckoning, by Donna Leon: One of the Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery series which I keep meaning to read more of.

A Venetian Affair, by Andrea di Robilant: A true tale of forbidden love in the mid-18th century, recreated from the letters of the star crossed lovers.

Should be a fine way warm up the atmosphere during the chill of February.



3 thoughts on “Venice in February

  1. I’m really interested in A Venetian Affair, too, especially as it’s based on real letters found by the author. A Thousand Days in Venice made me feel that another life was possible; it’s wonderful escapism. So glad you’re joining, Bookstack!

  2. I’m in too. Bellezza got me with that long list of temptations. A little james is in the works but not sure about the rest yet. A Venetian Reckoning sounds great too.

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