From the time I was a young girl, I loved reading our daily newspaper, The Detroit Free Press. I’d grab it off the porch first thing each morning and carry it into the kitchen. The first thing I read was a feature called Contact 10, a column based on reader submitted questions about things going on in the community. Then I’d turn to Bob Talbert’s column- Talbert was a well known personality in Detroit who was a familiar presence everywhere from the smallest local diner to the most exclusive club. His column was a compendium of stories about the city and it’s people, and I loved reading what he had to say.

From there I’d look at the “Women’s Section,” read Ann Landers advice and then one of two lifestyle columnists – Susan Ager and Nickie McWhirter, women who wrote about life in general and their own in particular, and who were largely the inspiration for my  other blog, affectionately known as “The Byline.”

After that I might look at the entertainment page and finally the comics, turning back the page and creasing the fold so I could more easily read both sides of the page.

All this is to say how much I miss a daily newspaper. The Detroit Free Press still lives, but it’s a pale version of its former self. I can get a daily edition (such as it is) delivered to my email inbox. But I don’t like reading newspapers on line anymore than I like reading books online.

I’ve come to realize that I’m woefully uninformed about what’s happening in the world. Oh, I’m on the internet all the time, but I generally gloss over the real news in favor of my social networks. I’d love to have a daily newspaper again, but failing that, I’d like to find a good weekly newsmagazine that has a fair and balanced perspective – at least as much as possible in this world – as well as decent coverage of arts, health, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Any recommendations, dear readers? What print sources of news do you find most reliable and informative?



4 thoughts on “Newsworthy

  1. I’m in the same place you are. NY Times comes to house daily. I glance at it as I walk by. I feel like I keep up on so little and every time I do read it I learn so much. I just spend all my time online. The one thing that keeps me from being totally uninformed is Pulse. I have that on all my devices. Crib notes of the news!

  2. For hard economic updates I like the Economist. Otherwise I love catching up with everything on a Sunday (morning or afternoon) surrounded by a stack of Sunday papers 🙂

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