Choices in On Line Marketing

I “fell into” the job of marketing nearly a decade ago, after our company’s staff was decimated by layoffs following the post-9/11 publishing industry slump.  I am far from a brilliant marketer, nor do I really enjoy it.  However, I’ve spent enough time trying to divine new ways of increasing my company’s visibility that I have learned a few things here and there.

You wouldn’t think it, but probably the most effective marketing channel we currently use is pay-per-click advertising.  Perhaps the most recognizable PPC purveyor is Google AdWords, but you may not be aware that there are other PPC networks out there that you can use to boost your exposure.   BizzClick, for example, is a pay-per-click agency that takes the personal approach, assigning each and every client a personal manager to help guide you to the most profitable placements in their network.

I sometimes get very tired and very distrustful of Google with their “all eggs in one basket” approach to everything imaginable, so independent advertising networks like BizzClick’s are an attractive way of diversifying your marketing approach.  Advertisers can take advantage ofBizzClick’s advertiser tools like their FiSoAp System, keyword research tool and rating system. There’s 24/7 support available, too.

If you’re on the flipside of the coin, and you want to add your website to BizzClick’s network and make money selling ad space, BizzClick’s publisher tools include promo tools, a referral program and one of the industry’s fastest XML distribution feeds so you can see your statistics quickly.

As is always the case, prudent choices in targeted keywords, landing page content and spending caps will net you the greatest benefit from PPC advertising.  If you don’t want to put all of your eggs in the Google basket, look to independent networks like BizzClick for greater diversification and see where your ads perform best.


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