Author To Author: Hope Chandler and LB Swan Talk About The Wish Granter Series

I’ve always enjoyed reading series books, so was happy to be introduced to The Wish Granter series, co-authored by Hope Chandler and LB Swan. These charming paranormal romance books feature Alanna and Joe who, after a pair of accidents suspended their earthly lives, find themselves in Transition, a nether world between life and death. Through their boss Morgan—a wise but humorous mentor they nickname after his uncanny resemblance to the actor Morgan Freeman—they learn they’ve been teamed up to help grant the wishes of deserving women. Depending on how well they perform their tasks, they could earn their way either back to earth or on to heaven.

There are currently two books in the series, Shelly’s Second Chance, and the latest release, Megan’s New Year (which is on currently on sale at Amazon for ninety-nine cents).

Today’s post features an author-to-author conversation with Hope and LB as they discuss the series and how it took shape.

HOPE: How did you come up with the concept of The Wish Granters?

LB: I passed a Lottery sign in a convenience store window and I thought about how many tickets are sold every day. Each one of those tickets represents a wish of some kind because 99.999999% of those tickets are not going to be winners. But the wish doesn’t die even if the ticket doesn’t pay off.

HOPE: What do you think happens to all those wishes that apparently go unanswered?

LB: I can’t say for sure, but wishes, like hopes, are a necessary part of life and I would hope (and wish) that women never stop wishing. A wish can be a powerful force for positive change if there’s action attached to it. Now I have a question for you. Why do you think it’s so unusual for a woman to wish for something just for herself?

HOPE: When the Wish Granters show up in her life, the woman in our books has to make a wish that’s strictly for herself and most of them struggle with it. We set it up in the series just this way to make it interesting but also because women traditionally are the nurturing gender. I don’t know if it’s in our DNA or it’s the way we’ve been trained to be the caregivers of the tribe but if you ask most women to wish, it seems they automatically think of others. They want their husbands to have better health, their unhappy teenage daughters to be more popular; they want better lives for their friends and parents and people all around the world. And that’s great. God bless us for being that way, no matter how it happened. But I also think we’re missing out on something. Powerful things can happen when a woman dares to wish for herself.

Okay, another question for you. The Wish Granters in the series are two people named Alanna and Joe who are caught in Transition, a world somewhere between life and death. Why did you decide to cast a man and a woman into these roles?

LB: It makes a more interesting story if the Wish Granters become romantically entwined while they’re supposed to be helping a woman get her wish. Also that they have to grant wishes in order to ascend to the next level or perhaps return to their lives on earth, There are lots of spinoff possibilities for these two wish granters.   You wrote the second book in The Wish Granters series about a woman who wants to find the first boy she ever loved. Do you think most women share that wish?

HOPE:  Oh yes, I think your first boyfriend or first crush lingers in your mind for a long time. The heroine of our second book, Megan’s New Year, kissed a Scottish exchange back in high school and ever since then Declan has been the standard by which she’s measured all the other men in her life. And naturally they all come up lacking because no man can measure up to a fantasy. So in the book, she gets the chance to go to the small Scottish town Declan was from – which just happens to be the town that inspired the play Brigadoon –  and find him.

LB: In the first book, Shelly’s Second Chance, Shelly believes that “the big hit” and more money will solve her problems and Megan believes finding her first love will solve hers. But things are never quite that simple, are they?

HOPE:  Of course not! That’s what makes the stories interesting. And that’s what the wish granters in the book discover about how the process works. Or, as they say, “We’ll grant your wish, but the rest is up to you.”



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