Loading Up On Books

For some time I’ve tried to restrain my book purchases, getting most of my reading material from the library, or, in some cases borrowing from friends. If I allowed myself to do so, I could easily spend all the money I have on books, running my credit cards to the max.My credit score should actually have its own category for book purchases.

Lately, though, I’ve let myself run a bit wild. I did a thorough clean of my book shelves and gathered up three bags which were distributed to the library and the used book store. Who can let empty shelf space go to waste, right? Plus, I was lucky enough to get a couple of gift cards from bookstores for Christmas, and I used one of them right away on a couple of books I’d been dying for. Then I purchased four books for the Venice in February challenge, and those arrived yesterday all in one nice, neat package. Still, these purchases won’t break the bank or cause me to go online and check my free credit score.

It’s been fun buying books for a change. Which proves that you do appreciate something more when you deny yourself for a while – a good financial strategy, I think.  One positive thing about getting more advanced in years is that my desire for material objects seems to have declined with age, so books are about the only thing that my heart still covets.

Occasionally, I’m happy to have the opportunity to indulge my favorite passion.



3 thoughts on “Loading Up On Books

  1. I’ve been doing this, too. My book total for 2010 was in the high hundreds of dollars, and I vowed to spend only a fraction of that in 2011. And…I did! By reading free classics, putting my name on waiting lists at the public library, thrifting, etc.

    But I, too, got a few gift cards for the holiday and now I can shop for books. It’s such a different process. When you are getting books at a Goodwill, you think, “It’s only a dollar, I’ll give it a chance,” or “This looks OK.” When I’m buying books, I look for ones that I think (hope!) will knock my socks off, ones that I am really excited to read!

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