Mom at Home


Contribution by Prince Raymond

I never imagined myself as one of those moms who sits the kids down in front of the TV and goes about her business. No one ever told me about how hard it is to get any housework done when you’ve got kids in the house at the same time… All they want is all my attention all the time. I went and got us Bakersfield direct tv from website I found and it’s been really helpful because there are a lot of educational children’s shows that I don’t mind having the kids watch. It actually seems to be teaching them a few things and they’re even starting to pick up a few words of Spanish from the Dora the Explorer show which I think is just the coolest thing in the world. Maybe if I had some free timeI would sit down and watch it to because it certainly couldn’t hurt for me to brush up on my Spanish skills! Wouldn’t that be hilarious when my husband got home.


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