Black and White and Read All Over

31 Ways to Get Smarter-Faster

Who could resist a headline like that? Certainly not I, the ravenous reader forever in search of ways to improve her mental ability. I purchased the copy of Newsweek magazine bearing this claim (despite the sticker shock -$5.99 for a single copy of a magazine!) and proceeded to devour it from cover to cover.

I hadn’t read a news magazine in a very long time. News coverage frustrates me. There seems so little of substance, so much hyperbole and posturing and just plain ridiculousness. So I was primed to be disappointed.

I was not disappointed. The stories were interesting, informative, thoughtful, and I felt as if I had added some value to my daily reading. Sort of like taking a vitamin or doing your exercise in the morning – all the things my morning newspaper once did for me back in the day.

Here’s the other thing about reading the news – I like my news in black and white on a page. Not surprising since I prefer my books to come the same way. But reading hard news on a screen seems especially distasteful. News should come printed on crinkly sheets of newsprint, with smelly ink that rubs off on your fingertips. Or, at the very least, on slick printed pages bound together, which can be folded in half and tucked into your purse. The Newsweek didn’t disappoint on that score, either.

Oh, and as for the story about getting smarter? Fascinating. It seems you can actually increase your IQ throughout your life by doing things such as eating dark chocolate and yogurt or drinking red wine and coffee, by dancing, going to a literary festival, knitting, playing an instrument, writing in longhand, sleeping, daydreaming…all kinds of things it sounds perfectly delightful to do. For once, something that is good for you doesn’t have to be an onerous task.

That information alone was worth the price of the ink.

How about you? Do you read newsmagazines or newspapers? Do you like to read them online or in print?



7 thoughts on “Black and White and Read All Over

  1. I did love this Newsweek story; it’s not always great, that magazine, but sometimes (mostly via Sharon Begley) they come up with some very good things.

    I’m a Newsweek, New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and New York Times girl. ANd when no one is looking, I will sneak a peak at People. 🙂

  2. Oh Great! Dancing? – Don’t tell adult daughter – still blaming us for not allowing her Dance Lessons as a child….with tongue in cheek since she had every OTHER lesson/club/group/charmed existence a suburban life child raised in the 80’s and 90’s offered! Love the List – thanks for sharing, RR!

    • Well, it’s never too late! My friend Beth who commented just before you is about our age and dances ballroom like nobody’s business. Didn’t start until she was all grown up, either.

  3. Newsweek is actually one of my favorite magazines. the articles are usually very interesting. Thanks for the list of what can increase my IQ…I had thought about purchasing this issue, but opted for baby food instead…lol I guess Wiggles has to eat more than I need to increase my IQ right now!

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