Book Learning

In addition to my regular reading and writing endeavors, I’ve been doing some investigative reading about nonprofit career opportunities. For most of my working life, I’ve been involved with nonprofit jobs, and I mean that in both senses of the term. Although working with nonprofit groups is rewarding in many ways, it isn’t often so in monetary terms.

One thing I’ve thought could be advantageous for me in was to learn about grant writing. So I’ve been doing a little internet research into the topic, and even looking for some books that might be useful. I actually found a book in the popular “Dummies” series (Grant Writing for Dummies -seriously), and may look for it in the library.

Nonprofit careers for me have usually involved music and drama organizations. Right now I’m helping a friend develop a new community theater. We’re halfway through our first season, and doing rather well. So far, our administrative “staff” consists of my friend, myself, and the secretary of the church where we rent space for the theater. If we make a go of this venture, we’ll need a Board of Directors and money for production staff. Right now we have a loyal cadre of supporters, but their pockets are only so deep.

When I quit my office job several months ago, I had no idea what careers nonprofit or otherwise, might be in my future. Circumstances seem to be leading me towards more nonprofit organizations, so I’m doing my best to learn all I can about them.

Of course, books are always my first and best teachers.



2 thoughts on “Book Learning

  1. Hi Becca,

    I’ve worked in fundraising for nonprofits for the past 20 years, so if there’s anything I can do to help you along on your career path, feel free to email me. Happy to give whatever advice or point you to whatever resources I can!

  2. Good luck! So many worthy arts endeavours are desperate for funding that it would be a wonderful contribution to make, to help them get some money. I’m sure you’d be very good at it! Gently persuasive.

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