If Only…

From the category of “if only I’d thought of that myself!” comes this wonderful idea from blogger A.N. Deavers, whose blog Writers Houses is dedicated to discovering and writing about – well, Writer’s Houses.

During the month of February, A.N. is on a literary pilgrimage in the UK, where she’s planning to visit the homes of 15 major literary figures and document her impressions on the blog. Today, February 7, she was paying a visit to Charles Dickens home, in honor of his 200th birthday.

When I discovered this project on Twitter, my first thought was one of intense envy . I was fortunate enough to visit a few of these very same places in 2005, and  being able to walk through The Parsonage at Haworth, treading the same pathways that Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte walked every day, was a profoundly moving experience for me.  I can only imagine what a treat it would be to visit Virginia Woolf’s home, Jane Austen’s residence, Shakespeare’s birthplace, and many more.

So I was happy to support this endeavor with a small donation to Deaver’s Kickstarter Campaign. If you’re so inclined to chip in as well, here is the link. She’s partnered with a London artist to provide some nice little gifts for contributors, too.



2 thoughts on “If Only…

  1. Oh man, I hate those “if only” moments! For me it’s that Perez Hamilton blog…which mixes Alexander Hamilton history stuff with Perez Hilton snarky gossip comments. I love both history and celebrity gossip, why didn’t I think of that?! 🙂

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