There’s An App for That

Ever since I was a tiny girl, I’ve worked at fitting reading into my day whenever I could. That translated into reading at the table, reading in the bathtub, reading with a flashlight under my pillow long past my bedtime. The neighbors smiled indulgently at the sight of me walking down the street to school, my head buried in a book.

I still manage to squeeze reading into every possible moment , and the availability of electronic reading devices makes that even easier. Having both and iPad and a Smart Phone have allowed me to embrace the ever growing world of “apps” – the applications you can download that allow you do everything from play games and write notes to compose music and do your taxes on your mobile device. With the Kindle app on my phone, I always have a book in my pocket, and that has saved me from insane boredom on many an occasion.

Yes, I’ve been a bookish multi-tasker since long before the invention of that term. I even read while I’m watching television – not always, but often enough that I was quite interested in hearing about this new app for televisions. It’s called the Lovereading LG TV Application, and it’s the first of its kind in the world. This app allows users to receive book recommendations direct through their interactive TV’s. It’s the product of a fantastic website, Lovereading, that’s chock full of book news, author interviews, and ways to get book recommendations tailored to your specific reading tastes. They’ve partnered with LG Electronics to develop this app for the LG Smart TV’s. Now it connects you to bookish news and recommendations, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually allows you to buy books directly from the TV by connecting you with book store accounts.

I love our Smart TV – we stream movies off the internet and watch You Tube videos of our grandson in larger than life size high-def. With our Tivo and Roku systems we browse around looking for interesting things to watch all the time. With the advent of apps like this for television, I can certainly see the TV becoming a larger size version of our computers and an even more focal point for our entertainment, including reading. And though I sometimes bemoan the prevalence of digital reading and the threat it poses to “real” books (which I will always prefer!) I know it’s here to stay.

Besides, how can I complain about anything that brings me more books!

Now I just have to find the time to read them.


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