The Comfort of Books

There are books I go to when I don’t want any more of the place I’m somehow stuck in and I long for a lighter and brighter world. They  make me feel as if I’ve just had a drink of a particularly sparkling Champagne. ~Mary Gordon

 Life is exceedingly busy chéz Ravenous Reader. If I were to list all the projects I’m embroiled in at the moment, you might faint in sheer exhaustion at the thought.

But then again, your lives are likely as topsy turvy as mine. Seems everyone’s is, these days.

Last night, after a horribly long day filled with one too many frustrations, I finally came home to a hot bubble bath and an hour curled in bed with my book.  Within a few moments, I could feel myself relax as I was whisked into the world the author created.  I was able to forget the aggravations and concerns of the day, and settle my mind into another plane before I drifted off to sleep.

Reading is such a treasure, isn’t it? Whatever would we do without it?


13 thoughts on “The Comfort of Books

  1. You are so entirely right. I was thinking today about how I would even function without reading, and I can’t imagine it. I can’t even imagine how I would unwind after a long day without my lovely books.

  2. So true. I’d be so lost without my ability to escape into a book every now and then. It allows us to have a break from reality and catch our breath before the next wave of emotion and excitement comes.

    • That break from reality is key, and I think we all need that. But I so much prefer getting mine in books than in tv shows or computer or video games!

  3. Amen! When I get all snappish and try to figure out why, I often find the problem is NEF (Not Enough FIction). Thanks for reminding me what a gift it is to read!

  4. Yes! I’ve always wanted to be a writer of comfort books. Maybe in the future! Something else seems to have been calling me so far. But then again, what is comforting can be surprising.

  5. Books are magic. They are our hopes, our sorrow, our anger. The key to another world. A story you always wanted to be a part of. It’s depressing that so many people today have an over-reliance on technology; they forget about the value and wonders of books. I love books. Always have an always will.

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