Having read several historical novels recently, and especially after listening to the audiobook version of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, I’ve been thinking a lot about the research required to make these books believable and credible. Particularly with Rebecca Skloot’s wonderfully written nonfiction book about the this fascinating scientific event and the long term effects – the social and technical research involved was astounding.

I like research, and when I was in school one of my favorite things was always being assigned reports. I loved looking up facts and information, loved putting things all together so they made sense. Almost more interesting than learning about the specific topic under study was the whole process of researching it.

Sometimes I tinker with the idea of going back to school – I’ve written about it before – but realistically I know that time is ticking away. Back when I was working at my office job, my boss once suggested I look into getting a master’s degree. (She didn’t offer to supplement my tuition costs, however!)

Ultimately, I usually decide the effort is too great at my advanced age. But if I were just a decade or so younger, I might be tempted. Especially by some of the  online MBA programs out there. They make it pretty easy to get started, even waiving the GRE requirement.

I could almost talk myself into it – especially when I think about all the research I’d get to do.


One thought on “Research-ability

  1. It’s never too late if it’s something you want to do. There’s always just now whether you’re 30 or 50 or 70. If now would be enriched by a master’s program I would say go for it!

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