Home Sweet Home

The landscape around home right now couldn’t be further from the desert, where I spent the last few days visiting my friend. Everything here in Michigan is ridiculously (and unseasonably) green, and where it isn’t green, it’s pink with blossoms. I cannot recall a time in my life when spring has arrived so early and seems to have settled in to stay.

There are never any guarantees where the weather is concerned, but nature seems to have thrown caution to the wind, heedless of the possibilities for disaster should the temperatures return to the chilly 40’s and 50’s that are normal for this time of year.

It seems even Mother Nature can be fooled on occasion.

I feel compelled to take precautions against what I feel surely will be a false spring. I wish I could get a security system for my plants – the kind you provide for your home like an adt Maine system, that would alert you if the temperatures were getting dangerously cold so you could prevent permanent damage.

The weather in Scottsdale was quite perfect, and we were able to sit outdoors and enjoy the dry desert sunshine. During my trip I finished two books, and started on another. My favorite was The Orchid House by Lucinda Riley.  This novel tells the tale of  Julia Forrester, a concert pianist, and the aristocratic Crawford family, whose shocking secrets are revealed leading to devastating consequences. Spanning from the 1930s to the present day, from the Wharton Park estate in England to Thailand, it’s a great story of family intrigue and legacy – just my cup of tea for reading anywhere, whether that’s in the desert or Michigan.

5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Good for you, reading two books and starting another! that’s a fabulous vacation right there, isn’t it?

    I know what you mean about this spring, we broke so many temperature records last week here in Ottawa. My lilac tree is starting to puts buds out, so I’m worried about frost. We usually have snow on the ground still! I wasn’t complaining about the heat though, I just don’t want a nasty late snowstorm that kills the early-blooming plants.

    • I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen with everything in bloom so early.

      Funny coincidence – I sat next to some a couple from Ottawa on the plane last night. They had been in Sedona, Arizona, hiking 🙂

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  3. Ooh The Orchid House sounds good. I will have to look out for that one. As for the early spring – I know! I’ve been sitting in the garden and had to come in because I didn’t want to burn. In March!!

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