The Sunday Salon: The Sunday Papers

For some, it can be as sacred a ritual as attending church, as unswerving as the Ten Commandments, as comforting as the Lord’s Prayer.

Reading The Sunday Paper.

As invigorating as the hot coffee that usually accompanies it, reading the Sunday paper brings its devotees up to date on the news of the world and what’s going on in their own backyards. Favorite columnists step up on their various soapboxes and offer readers their two-cents on any variety of subjects. Features that don’t appear in the daily news offer ideas about entertainment, health, science. Advertisements put ideas in our heads about fashion and food. Puzzles engage our minds and keep the wheels of thought in motion.

The gold standard of Sunday Papers is, of course, The New York Times. Naturally it’s available in an online edition, but what fun is that? Isn’t it much better to grab that hefty pile of newsprint off the heap at the newsstand, or tug it out of its blue plastic bag where it’s been deposited on your porch with a satisfying thud? Isn’t rummaging through for your favorite section (Book Review! Arts and Leisure!) and then retreating to your favorite cozy corner a necessary part of the ritual? Doesn’t the crisp sound of paper being shook straight and then sharply folded over have an almost musical ring to it?

And now that I’ve written such a lovely elegy to this standard American pastime, it’s time to set off and engage in it.

Happy reading.

How about you? Do you read the Sunday papers? Or do you engage in another favorite Sunday past time of mine, going to school playgrounds or commercial playgrounds? Children usually have little patience for reading the paper, at least once the comic strips have been read. Our local playground just put in some marvelous new play equipment with Rubberrecycle underneath, so it’s soft and safe. I love to watch the little ones engage in their own Sunday morning play ritual.

The Sunday


4 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: The Sunday Papers

  1. Yes, I like to read the Sunday Boston Globe. Unfortunately, I’m an early riser and the guy who delivers the paper isn’t, so I also use Sunday mornings to catch up with my favorite blogs!

  2. I love reading the paper on Sundays. It’s really pleasant when the day is sunny, so the sun’s coming in our bay window, and my roommate and I are just sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper and chatting about the news. Nothing nicer than that.

  3. I grew up reading newspapers,generally two a day as my parents would also take the LA Times if we lived in the south or the SF Chronicle if we lived in the north.

    My mother has recently subscribed to the Sunday NY Times. Fortunately for me, she saves the book reviews and Arts and Leisure. Still I am jealous.

  4. I love it. I am a mad-woman when it comes to this ritual (meaning I get very angry when we have plans I can not engage in it) I read the Sunday New York Times while listening to my favorite radio show: Jonathan Schwartz’s the Sunday Show, which I do believe you would love as well (but I’m not sure if the show is syndicated or if it’s just in New York)

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