My Top Five…

…books read in the month of March were:

  1. A Trick of the Light: This was my favorite of Louise Penney’s mystery series about Inspector Armand Gamache of the Quebec Surete. I love Gamache and all his friends and neighbors from the village of Three Pines. This book dealt with a death among fine artists, and Penny did a marvelous job of shedding light on the world of fine art and art dealers.
  2. How to Eat a Cupcake: A sweet little confection by Meg Donohue about  long-lost friends who open a cupcakery in San Francisco, and rediscover their friendship in the process.
  3. This Beautiful Life: A thought provoking story about a modern family who is shaken to their core by the scandal that ensues when Jake, the 15 year old son, shares a sexually explicit video sent to him by a 13 year old classmate. When the video “goes viral,” the family’s sense of security and identity is threatened. Helen Schulman has given us a very powerful look at the way modern communication innovations can wreak havoc if not treated properly.
  4. The Orchid House: I absolutely adored this novel by Lucinda Riley. It spans generations and follows the family of Julia Forrester, a concert pianist who returns to her “ancestral estate” following a devastating tragedy. There she unearths secrets from the past that send her on a quest to the Far East.
  5. An Available Man: What happens to a man of a certain age when his beloved wife dies and he is suddenly “available” once again? Hilma Wolitzer joins Julia Glass and Helen Simonson in pondering the subject of middle aged widowers, and her Edward Schuyler is quite an endearing specimen. Less crotchety than either Major Pettigrew or Percy Darling, Edward is looking for love in all the wrong places for a while. Wolitzer creates a lot of empathy for Edward, and the reader is rooting for him to find his way back to happiness.
Next up…delving into some crime fiction with works by Michael Connolly and Stuart Woods. Every once in a while I get in the mood to read about the law in all its grit and glory. A good book about a California criminal lawyer or a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney would be particularly welcome, since I’ve been in the mood to visit California again, and the only way I’ll get there is armchair traveling with a book.

How about you? What were your favorite March reads?


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