I did take some time for porch sitting with coffee, cake, and a book.

How can it be that I have not posted since Sunday?

Especially when I have been reading some very wonderful things??

Like Chris Bohjalian’s The Sandcastle Girls?

And Natalie Bakopoulos’ The Green Shore?

Monday evening we came home after a lovely visit with our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson, and the world has been spinning at 78 rpm ever since. (If you don’t understand that analogy, than you are very young indeed.) Nothing of great portent has happened, – it’s just Life.

I have lots to say about these two books, especially about The Sandcastle Girls, which affected me SO deeply that there were times I had to put it down and go walk around outside for a while to clear my head and my heart. This book has given me an intense new perspective on my own family history, and I’m so grateful that Chris Bohjalian has written about the Armenian genocide with such conviction. It’s a book I need to re-read at some point, when I can try and separate myself from the historical aspects and pay more attention to it’s obvious literary merits.

It’s also a book I want to send to all my cousins, with the inscription…”This is where we came from, and there but for the grace of God, go we.”

If I’ve intrigued you at all, then go here and order it.

And I promise more to come about this book when Life settles down a bit.

Until then…

Happy Reading.


4 thoughts on “Derelict

  1. I have the same feeling sometimes – like I’m getting a lot of reading done, and a lot of thinking in, but not a lot of actually recording any of it (the writing or the thinking). I tend to let it go, and it comes back around eventually.

    Definitely intrigued by the Bohjalian book, too.

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