Reading Spaces

Seating nook in the bedroom of our new house. We’ll need comfier chairs, I think 🙂

We bought a new house over the weekend, and one of the features my husband and I instantly loved was the corner nook between two windows in the master bedroom. We envisioned two cozy chairs with a small table between and an ottoman for propping your feet. We imagined ourselves there in the mornings, lingering over our coffee with books in hand. I see myself retreating there of an evening, when Jim is absorbed in television, settling in with magazines or the iPad.

I can read just about anywhere. When I was little, the neighbors joked about my habit of reading while walking to school, and I’m sure my mother lived in fear that I would fail to look up from the page and check traffic before crossing the street. Before the days of cell phones, I carried books in my purse to read while standing in line at the grocery store. I’ve been known to snatch a few paragraphs while waiting a stop lights.

Even though I can fall deeply into my book no matter where I am, I love reading most when I can ensconce myself into one of those special spaces that seem to lend themselves just to reading. Spaces like the tiny attic room in the house where we lived when I was born, like my childhood bedroom where I could sprawl on the bed surrounded by stuffed animals, like the back porch of our house here, where I spent many hours reading while my infant son napped peacefully inside and now sit on summer mornings with my little dog at my feet.

So I’m excited to have this new reading space to enjoy, wondering which books will be read there over the years and what memories will be attached to them. Of course now that we’ve bought the house there will be all the legal issues and paperwork to deal with. Hopefully it will go smoothly, because the housing market has simply exploded around here lately, with multiple people bidding on the same properties, necessitating calls to places like I don’t anticipate the need for intellectual property law, but one never knows.

With reading being such an important part of my life, reading spaces are always special.

How about you? Where are some of your favorite reading spaces?


9 thoughts on “Reading Spaces

  1. I used to have a really wide window sill in my first floor College room. I would sit there and read for hours even though it looked out over the Aire Valley and the view was pretty spectacular. Personally, I think I would be putting a chaise-longue in that space, but then I live on my own. You and your husband would have to fight over it.

    • I love chaise lounges, and that would be my first choice too 🙂 But since there are two of us, I guess I’ll go with chairs and an ottoman!

  2. I used to live in a house with a window seat that looked out over trees and a waterfall. It was a perfect fantasy of a place to sit and read, but I actually rarely read there. It wasn’t very comfortable and the view was too distracting! The chair in my room with an ordinary street view turned out to be much more effective for reading in. Your nook sounds lovely.

  3. Congratulations on the new house! I like to read lying down on the couch. I can’t read for long sitting up because my neck hurts quickly if my head is bent. So an arm of the couch covered with the cushion for support is perfect.

  4. I remember those days when I always had a book in the car or in my purse. Now I keep my iPod at the ready. It usually has at least two or three new books on it. I actually listened to it while in the dentist chair the other day. That was a first. I love to read on my deck, in my bedroom and sprawled on the sofa in the family room.

    The reading nook in your new house looks inviting. I can picture you there. I’m sure you can, too.

  5. Congratulations on buying a house and finding a space for a reading corner! Good luck with the move and everything. I imagine you are looking forward to reading there, and as soon as you can. It looks lovely.

    Favourite reading spots: anywhere! I smiled as I read your post, because I almost always have a book with me everywhere I go, even now! My favourite place to read is here at the kitchen table, with all the natural light, or on my chaise that is part of our sofa set. I’ve been slowly creating my own book corner for reading, but I”m lacking a comfy squishy chair still.

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