My Interview with Kristin Hannah: Find Out Which of Her Books “Touched Her the Most”

Last year when I was vacationing with my dear friend and reading buddy, she was in the process of reading Kristin Hannah‘s novel Winter Garden when she started sobbing.

“You have to read this book!” she said between tears.

It might seem strange that a friend would recommend a book that made her cry. But she knows how much I love a book that I can get emotionally involved with.

For some reason, I’d never read any of Hannah’s novels, but when I read Winter Garden, I had the same reaction as my friend did. It’s the story of a mother and her daughters, and the way events in the mother’s past have prevented her from developing a loving relationship with her daughters.

After reading Winter Garden, I set out on a mission to read more of Hannah’s work. I read Night Road, True Colors, and Firefly Lane, and I’ve really enjoyed the way she gets to the heart of our most complex and important relationships – between friends, sisters, parents and children.

So I was thrilled to have an opportunity to interview Kristin for All Things Girl magazine, and to read a copy of her brand new book, Home Front, released this week. Of all her books, I believe I enjoyed this one the most. And I’m not alone – Hannah herself says that Home Front “touched her more deeply than any of her other books.”

To find out why, check out Part One of my interview, and my review. And make it a point to read All Things Girl next Wednesday, for Part Two of the interview, and a chance to win a new copy of Home Front.

‘Tis the Season…

…for all things scary.

Although Halloween is far from my favorite holiday, it seems to be growing more and more popular. The number of homes decorated with spooky goblins, orange pumpkin lights, and even makeshift graveyards has come to rival those with halls decked in traditional Christmas trimming.

I don’t decorate for Halloween, but I do celebrate the season by reading more thrillers and mysteries. If you’re thinking about curling up with a good book this All Hallow’s Eve, check out my recommendations for Thrill Reads over at All Things Girl.

Happy Haunted Reading…

Reading Relationships (at All Things Girl)

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to meet lots of bookish friends, in person and in the virtual world.  It was my first reading relationship that allowed me to look at reading as an activity to be shared.  Read more about that special friendship in my essay today at All Things Girl.  

By the way, I’m super excited to be a new Contributing Editor at this fabulous e-zine dedicated to helping women showcase their creativity and share their interests. I’ll be writing about “All Things Books”, and I’m looking forward to developing a lot more new reading relationships in the days ahead.

I hope you’ll join us there.



The Sunday Salon

The Sunday

This Sunday finds me at our home in Florida with one of my dearest bookish friends. M. and I have made a tradition of annual trips here in the winter, but decided to indulge ourselves with a few days this fall, knowing that my availability this winter could be unpredictable because I expect my winter travels to include numerous trips to Dallas for visits with my new grandson.

Our trips here always include lots of reading. Time was, we’d each haul a suitcase of books down with us, and make at least one pilgrimage to the book store as well. Things have changed all round in the last couple of years. M. uses an electronic reader for all of her reading these days, which makes book sharing impossible (if anyone knows how to share books on the iPad, let me know asap!) Plus, our favorite Borders is shuttered and blank (but there’s always Barnes and Noble, and a new Books-A-Million has opened at the upscale shopping center down the road.)

So we’ve managed just fine.

I’ve yet to make the complete conversion to e-reading, and brought Joanna Smith Rakoff’s A Fortunate Age with me in hardcover. I finished it last night, and started The Swimming Pool, which I had downloaded onto my iPad before we left. I was reluctant – I don’t like reading on the iPad, but have to concede that’s it’s much more convenient for traveling.

After brunch this morning, I decided I couldn’t go home tomorrow without buying a book. It’s traditional, after all. So we stopped at Books-A-Million, where I picked up a copy of Cradle in the Grave, by Sophie Hannah, with the excuse that I can use it for an October book review post for All Things Girl.

Our plans for the afternoon are almost entirely book-related, as we continue reading and plan a trip to the movies to see The Help.

I hope your Sunday afternoon is just as pleasant.