The Sunday Salon: Magical Reading

 The Sunday

Magic has been on my mind, probably because this morning my husband and I are flying off to Walt Disney World to enjoy the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.  Disney World is a magical place for us – we’ve had so many happy family times there in the last 20 years, and we’re already gleefully planning lots more magic to come since we’ll have a little grandson to share the fun with in the years ahead.

I rarely read books about magic, or fantasy novels to use the proper term for the genre. I guess I’m just a realist at heart. I enjoy reading about people and places that are within my own realm of  experience, things that could happen in my own life and times.

The book I started last night seems to merge the two quite nicely, so it was a perfect choice to take for reading material on this trip.
Before Ever After, by Samantha Sotto, is a romance about Shelly, a young widow visited by a handsome man who looks exactly like Max, her dead husband, and claims to be his grandson.  Not only that, it seems that Max is alive and well and living another life.

The magical element in this whole story is that Max appears to be everlasting.  He has already lived numerous lifetimes, although he never ages beyond his 30’s. This kind of magical realism appeals to me, especially when it’s as beautifully written as this one is. It’s the kind of thing that just might happen in a world where unexplainable things occur and where dreams really do come true.

Hmm, I’m already thinking in Disney vernacular.

So I’m definitely taking this book with me, because I’m eager to find out what happened Before Ever After, and to see if Shelly can really find a way to live happily ever after.


How about you? Do you like to read fantasy or magical tales? Is anything magical happening in your life right now?