The Sunday Salon: My Just Deserts

No, I did not misspell the word.

I really meant “desert,” as in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.

That’s where I’m headed – well, not really the desert itself, but to Scottsdale where I’ll be spending the week with a good friend. We’ll be reading, eating, reading, drinking, reading, walking, reading, shopping, reading, talking…

You get the idea.

My friend has been there for the past three weeks, and she told me yesterday she’s read 12 books.

Good thing I loaded up the Sony reader.

And speaking of reading, my son tells me that he and Connor are already on their second reading of Winnie the Pooh – that’s the original A.A. Milne version, by the way. That little boy loves his stories already, and he’s only just four months old. I foresee a future as a great thinker for him – but then I’m his grandmother, so that’s my job 🙂

At any rate, I know he’ll be going to college, and I’ve just learned of a great program to help parents save. It’s called Mission Tuition, and a percentage of every purchase from a wide network of vendors goes into a special savings program for tuition. Check it out.

Getting a good education is something every kid deserves.

Have a great week, folks.

I’ll have much to tell you about on my return.