Blessings abound for us this year – our new grandchild, our good health, my husband’s return to full time employment, my ability to “retire” and spend more time with aforementioned new grandchild. For these things, and more, I am grateful beyond measure.

I’m Thankful too, for all things bookish. For knowing inspiring writers and people like Beth Kephart and Lilian Nattel, whose words on the internet and between the pages of their books awe me with beauty, intelligence, and grace. For the opportunity to meet new writers like Rebecca Rasmussen and Ann Napolitano, whose glorious debut novels set my world spinning this year. For the ability to converse about books with you here on this space, and to share my love of reading with an even wider audience at All Things Girl.

For independent book stores like Nicola’s (in Ann Arbor, Michigan) and The Real Bookstore (in Allen, Texas) valiantly fighting to keep book buying alive and well for my grandson’s generation.

And most of all, I’m grateful for bookish friends all over the world and for being included in your number. Your insights, your recommendations, your consuming interest in the literary world give me hope for the future of all things bookish.

Blessings to you all.



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