4 thoughts on “The New Order

  1. I like this development – everything under one roof. Nice.

    I’m all about embracing simplicity, and I’m taking notes on every aspect of this next chapter of your life. I’m looking forward to hearing about condo living. So interested.

    • I’m interested to see how it will go..it will be different, and of course not everything will be good.
      But yesterday we found a couple of windows that weren’t locking properly, so we put in a maintenance request and they’re be coming to fix them on Friday.
      That part of condo living I really like!

  2. Ah, I’m envious of your position. Not the getting there, such a tedious endeavor!, but the arriving. It is wonderful to simplify, to dismiss the detritus one accumulates. I remember when I moved into a two bedroom apartment with my son, after my first husband died and I had to sell our home. In many ways it was comforting because it was manageable. At any rate, all the best to you. I’m happy for your future simplicity!

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